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Towing Alligator AlleyA Superior Towing has been providing service to the alligator alley corridor for over 20 years. We will provide light, medium, or heavy-duty towing alligator alley services within the hour. With air conditioned trucks that can accommodate up to five people, our towing alligator alley service will prove invaluable for families that need to be moved with their vehicle without requiring an extra truck or an extra cost for a cab service.

Alligator alley is a vast seventy-five mile stretch of roadway that runs through one of the most rural areas of south Florida connecting the east to the west coast. It is a limited access toll road with just a few rest areas found at mile marker thirty-two, thirty-four, forty, sixty-three, and ending off at seventy. The alley also has paved areas with access to boat ramps which can be found at mile marker thirty-four, following with thirty-eight, forty-two, forty-four, and closing with fifty-two. There are also a couple of gravel lots along the way which are found at mile marker thirty-nine and sixty eight.

We handle all types of towing alligator alley needs that you may have, no matter how small or difficult the job is. A Superior Towing are experts in all areas of incident management. Our Towing Alligator Alley operators are all trained and skilled in quick clearance procedures with a round-the-clock focus on increasing efficiency.


A Superior Towing Company specializes in towing Alligator Alley.

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